Make History Here

The Election Super Centers Project helps turn stadiums in Metro areas across the country into safe, socially distanced voting centers. 

The concept: In the same places where your sports heros made history, you have the chance to do the same. This is your chance to make history here. 

I concepted and directed the video work, and also worked closely with the team to produce the website and social/OOH.

Role: Director & Creative Director
VO: Jeffrey Wright
CD/Copywriter: Daniel Hall
AD: Emilio Canton
CD: Aaron Duffy
Producer: Jackie Fuhrman
Post house: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Nick O’Neill
Post-producer: Melissa Burns
VFX: Carbon
PM: Ana Ponce de Leon Dios
General badass: Cedric Gerard
Music Supervision: GEMS

Special thanks to Andrew Jarecki, Julie Hermelin, and Serge Patzak for making it happen.