In April 2017, I started as a Creative Lead on Snap's Marketing team.  And in March of 2019 I became a Senior Creative Lead. And in September of 2020 I became a Creative Director.

Here’s a curated selection of some projects I’ve had the privilege of working on.


Introducing Spotlight
Role: Creative Director

Introducing Sounds on Snap
Role: Creative Director

Introducing Time Machine
Senior Creative Lead on launch of Time Machine Lens.

Snap Partner Summit 2019
Senior Creative Lead on the Keynote presentation for the first-ever Snap Partner Summit.

Snapchat is a camera.
Co-directed and co-concepted company’s first television commercial. 
Also, that’s my voice ;)

 AR billboard for “Bringing Up Bhabie”  
Snapchat’s most successful original show ever.
Role: Creative Lead