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I’m a creative director. Specifically, I’m an advertising and marketing creative director, so I lead creative teams to craft strategic, smart, thoughtful, beautiful, and culturally relevant communications. 

I also like to direct, design, write, edit, draw,
, and have fun w/ my friends in Los Angeles.

Currently, I’m a Creative Director on Snap Inc. Marketing’s Creative Team 👻. It’s my 4th year with the company. 

Most recently, I was creative director and led day-to-day conceptualization and execution of Snapchat’s second global brand campaign, 

I creative directed the keynote for the

I also creative directed the
. My favorite bits of the event were a
that celebrated the way Snapchat helped people connect in 2020, and the
that kicked it off. 

In 2019 I was the creative lead on
— Snapchat’s first-ever global brand campaign.

I’ve also worked on some other 
at Snap. I directed the company’s first television spot and also did the VO ;)  

Leading up to the 2020 Presidential Election, I had the chance to concept and direct
for the Election Super Centers Project: a non-profit that turns stadiums and arenas into safe voting centers.

Previously, I was a creative director and director of development @ 1stAveMachine. There, I learned how to
, and get
. Overall, I had a

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